Mission to Missionaries

Aerial photo of EdenRidge. Photo by Oliver Dossmann

New CD Nears Production Completion

We have been working on a new CD with Daniel and Françoise Dossmann. This project, titled Dawn of a New Day, will be available for purchase on November 20 for $15 or $10/each for orders of five or more. If you would like to pre-order copies, or discuss MTM sending a copy of the CD on your behalf as a Christmas gift to people you know, please email us at info@missiontm.org.

Do You Want to Stay at EdenRidge?

Missionaries and non-missionaries are welcome. Visit www.edenridge.org/reservations to learn more. It's not too early to make plans for next year as our busy months will fill up quickly. Our cabin rental rate is $38/night for missionaries and $95/night for non-missionaries. Our cottage rental rate (available April 1, 2015) is $30/night for missionaries and $75/night for non-missionaries.

Connect with Us

If you would you like to stay informed and see frequent updates from Mission to Missionaries and EdenRidge, join us on FaceBook at www.facebook.com/missiontm.

You're also welcome to reach out to us anytime via email at rest@edenridge.org or by phone at 931-783-1626.

This Month's Featured Underwriter

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