Mission to Missionaries

Cottage Construction at EdenRidge. Photo by Oliver Dossmann
EdenRidge Cottages Under Construction

Construction of the first two EdenRidge cottages is progressing well. These cottages, half the size of our two existing cabins, will be ideal for smaller parties of one or two. Complete with full kitchens, washers and dryers, soaker tubs, and gas fireplaces, these cottages will make a great addition to our EdenRidge facilities.

Do You Want to Stay at EdenRidge?

Missionaries and non-missionaries are welcome. Visit www.edenridge.org/reservations to learn more. We're almost full in October, but we have some availability in September. It's also not too early to make plans for next year as our busy months will fill up quickly. Our cabin rental rate is $38/night for missionaries and $95/night for non-missionaries. Cottage rental rates (available spring 2015) will be $30/night for missionaries and $75/night for non-missionaries.

Connect with Us

If you would you like to stay informed and see frequent updates from Mission to Missionaries and EdenRidge, join us on FaceBook at www.facebook.com/missiontm.

You're also welcome to reach out to us anytime via email at rest@edenridge.org or by phone at 931-783-1626.

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