A Journey through the First Five Years of Construction at EdenRidge

We're excited to share these old and new photos highlighting the first five years of construction at EdenRidge (2009 to 2014). Pictured below are the six structures constructed at EdenRidge so far. Plans are to continue to expand our facilities as we endeavor to meet the needs of missionaries serving around the world so they may be more enabled to reach the world for Christ.

Credits: Pavilion (Oliver Dossmann); Utility Building (main photo by David and Judy Constance; insert by Oliver Dossmann); Founders Cabin (main photo by David Clark; insert by Oliver Dossmann); Main Entrance (main photo Photo courtesy of Samfotos.com; insert by Oliver Dossmann); Peace Cabin (photos by Oliver Dossmann); Welcome Office (photos by Oliver Dossmann); Photo processing and illustrations by Oliver Dossmann.

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