data backup solutions

In today’s digital world, data is one of the most important things to protect against accidental deleting, fire, theft, or hardware failures. That's why we provide an offsite backup solution that backs up your data on a daily basis. The system uses an encrypted Internet connection to copy your data securely from your computer(s) or server(s) to our server during the night. We monitor the backups on a daily basis and address all problems in a timely manner if a backup fails more than one night.

Whether you’ve accidentally deleted a file or your building has suffered a complete loss, we will work with you to restore your data in a timely manner.

key features

  • Secure connection
  • Data privacy
  • Password protected
  • Local backup option
  • Data kept for 60 or more days
  • Manually checked by Dossmann Tech staff

Our clients include law firms, medical clinics, churches, insurance companies, home builders, retail stores, and manufacturers.


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